batam day tour

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February 9, 2020
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February 9, 2020

batam day tour

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batam day tour – Batam is a significant tourist destination in Malaysia, and you will find several Car Rental Batam packages available to fulfill the requirements of tourists. Batam Transport Service is available at Batam – transport hubs for individuals traveling from Kuala Lumpur, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, Serian, Perlis, Perak, Johor, Johor Bahru, and Perak. Travellers can hire these tours for their holidays.

The transport options provided by the various businesses in Batam are also diverse. The cities and destinations change and there are few such tours that offer special holiday package. If you are keen on travelling to Batam, here are some of the travel deals you can consider.

batam day tour

batam day tour

For Article batam day tour.

If you have been to Batam several times and thought that you have experienced whatever it has to offer, you might be wrong. Here, Ive compiled a list of more awesome things you can (and should) reach in Batam.

1. Indulge in sinful seafood

By the period you mosey out of the smear parlour (hopefully in one piece), it is probably dinner time. Did I just listen your stomach growl? Wait till you drool more than the delectable and spicy mussels, black pepper crabs, steamed fish in Teochew style, fried golden calamari, big tasty prawns and delectable oysters.

You can find plates of awesomeness at KTM Resort (20 minutes car ride from the Sekupang ferry terminal). Spend a lovely and undisturbed night at one of the affectionate wooden huts in the distance away from everyone and anything else. Dont distress virtually a nonappearance of after-dinner plans, for a pool table, karaoke rooms and board games are just some of the many astonishing amenities to save you abundantly occupied.

2. Enjoy a morning stroll at KTM Resort

Give yourself enough become old to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. recognize a mosey or an OOTD along these lovely landscapes of KTM resort.

3. reach souvenir shopping to come in the morning

Alternatively, bow to a taxi to the crowded wet markets to connect fellow travellers in buying crackers, sea cucumbers or the mandatory kueh lapis and honeycomb cakes incite home.

4. take possession of sunsets at Barelang Bridge

In San Francisco, there is Golden log on Bridge. In Batam, there is Barelang Bridge, a chain of six exchange types of bridges connecting the islands of Batam, Rempang, and Galang. Enjoy the picturesque seascape and wait for the stunning sunset while youre here.

5. Soothe your muscles

After a daylight of fun-filled events in Batam, what your body essentially needs is nothing but two unquestionable hours of massage. Yes, greater than at Reborn daub and Reflexology (beside BSC Mall), a soothing full body rub awaits you.

My favourite ration of the smooth was next the experienced therapist placed a warm towel upon the support of my neck towards the stop of the session. thus hot and cosy, it melted my worries into skinny air.

Reborn daub & Reflexology
Ruko Penuin Blok R-3
Batam, Indonesia
Open daily from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM

6. Sail in a kayak

Kayaking is a good quirk to have a doting epoch in imitation of your partner or hold subsequent to your relations and friends. Not abandoned is it fun, it helps you burn those supplementary calories. Most of the resorts in Batam give this leisurely water sport consequently dont miss it.

7. quickness on a go kart

Notice the slightly wet surface on the sports ground in this photo? Nothing spells more fun than going on full gear at maximum speed, making bright turns to avoid banging into car tyres, and having puddles of water splashed onto your shirts. You really have to experience this first-hand!

How to Go to Batam?

Just a gruff boat ride from Singapore, Batam in Indonesias Riau archipelago is a well-liked weekend destination and a good side trip from Singapore and Malaysia. Apart from its close proximity to Singapore, this little island is frequented by visitors because of its fabulous beaches, elegant resorts, huge shopping malls and full of beans nightlife.

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Do you Need a Travel Agent? give cheap transport services, at no further raid if you arrive to Batam behind family or friends We benefits you later than comfort and a tidy car you can use the Wi-Fi and clear Drinks. Your vacation satisfaction is most important

I have been serving many customers from many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan though they are traveling in Batam subsequently safe transportation. I am suitable to perform you the pretty of Batam city.

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Why pick us?

Why pick ?


Our private tours are every control by recognized tourist guides/batam drivers who steer you from your base to each location.

2. malleability TOURS

Our Batam Driver benefits allow you to travel Batam upon your own terms, they have enough money you the achievement to have the firm word.


Our satisfied customers tell us that the friendly atmosphere and personal touch upon our private tours is worth every shekel.


Credit Card or lump doesnt required to secure your booking. thats easy.


You are release to call off or fiddle with the date of abet or booking within 12 hours before.

6. cordiality BATAM DRIVER

You will ensue near to him throughout the day, as he shares like you his insights the places you visit as competently as morning to day life in Batam.

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